Slim Storage

Tech companies are always looking for ways to cut down the girth and weight of their products. Sony has added another entrant into the slimmed down devices category with the release of the HD-S1A, the world’s slimmest one terabyte (TB) hard disk drive (HDD), which is now available in the Middle East. The device is only 8.7 mm thin, weighs 155 g, and includes data protection and backup utilities.



At a thickness of 8.7 mm, the HD-S1A is the world’s slimmest 1TB HDD. It measures in at 117 mm-long and 79-mm wide.

Port type:

The HD-S1A connects with devices using a USB 3.0 Micro-B connector, which allows for a maximum transfer rate of 5 Gbps.

OS Support:

The HDD is compatible with both Windows and Apple computers.


Sony’s drive comes bundled with a Backup Manager, Password Protection Manager, and Data Transfer Accelerator.


The HD-S1A comes in two colors: Black and Silver.