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The Brands of Jordan

As Jordan’s economy has gradually opened up to the world, giant international companies have rushed in with products and services designed to cater to the demands of the Kingdom’s increasingly sophisticated and discerning consumers. But despite this ever stiffer competition…

Nuqul Goes for Growth

Not content with its already strong position in Jordan and the wider region, the Nuqul Group is undertaking an ambitious expansion plan which aims to take the multifaceted company to the next level. By Elisa Oddone Ghassan Nuqul made a…

Nuqul Plans to Sell 25 Percent Stake in Fine – Vice Chairman

Jordan’s Nuqul Group is planning to sell off around 25 percent of Fine Hygienic Holdings, one of the region’s largest tissue and paper products manufacturers, in a bid to boost the group’s growth, Nuqul Vice Chairman Ghassan Nuqul told Venture….