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The IMF on Lifting Subsidies on Bread

IMF Opposes Lifting Bread Subsidies

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it doesn’t recommend lifting subsidies on bread in Jordan, a controversial step the government is considering in an effort to balance its budget. “The IMF does not recommend lifting bread subsidies and does not…

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Setting Priorities

While it appears unenthused about taking the simple steps needed to create a sovereign investment fund, the government has been more than happy to burn through foreign aid and rack up debt with little or nothing to show for it….

refugee crisis

Economic Reform: Are We on the Right Track?

As the government has learned from its deal with the IMF, ill-conceived economic reforms can often do more harm than good. By Khalid Wazani Economic reform is a process that should be evolutionary not revolutionary, gradual not instantaneous, comprehensive not…