Why Hiring Freelancers is essential for the second wave of the Coronavirus?

Just when it seemed like the Coronavirus was subsiding, the second wave of the virus decided to rear its ugly head. While businesses have finally reopened and started recouping from the effects of the pandemic, they’re now being forced to shut down again to contain the spread of the virus. And it goes without saying that this second wave could be even tougher for businesses that are still reeling from the effects of the first. However, unlike the first time around, we come to you prepared with a tactical alternative for business recovery during the second wave. The answer? Hiring freelancers. 

According to a study by Deloitte from April to June 2020 on the hiring patterns of 5 companies, there was an exponential surge in the number of on-demand services solicited. The study concluded that in a world post-Covid-19, most companies will rely greatly on freelance workers to make their comeback for many reasons. If you’ve had to trim down the size of your staff during the first wave, you’ll probably get overwhelmed with an increasing workload in no time. To therefore prevent burning yourself and your few employees out, hiring freelancers can help you pick up the slack. Not only are freelancers more cost-effective, but they also work really fast and the quality of their output is remarkable. And now that unpredictability plagues every aspect of business, it is important to have a reliable source of vetted freelancers ready to help you with those tasks that appear without warning.

If you are still in doubt about how hiring an on-demand workforce can be beneficial to your business during the second wave, here are 5 reasons to convince you using insights from, one of the largest freelancer marketplaces in the GCC region that managed to make it big despite the many impacts of COVID-19. 

1. Freelancers are incredibly fast

A quality typical to all freelancers is their ability to deliver results quickly. And as you try to make up for lost time during the first wave, speed will be essential. This is especially true if you pay your workers on a set wage basis, instead of an hourly basis. This way, they’ll work quickly without dragging their feet unnecessarily and be ready for the next task in record time. Moreover, some tasks in your business may come up out of the blue and relying on your downsized staff in such scenarios may not be feasible. With freelancers you can rest assured knowing that you will have the work done way before the deadline. 

We’ve spoken to’s team, who told us that company owners mainly look for two things when hiring: That the employee builds familiarity with the company fast, and fast deliveries and submissions. And this is what a platform like aspires to do. In fact, they have optimized the briefing process so that it only takes 20 minutes in total to hire the right freelancer. Moreover, because the platform allows for all kinds of services to be requested, an employer can receive a logo, a design or even a translation or piece of content delivered within just hours of posting the job. Talk about speed!

2. A freelancer is more flexible than the standard employee

Freelancers are able to take on more tasks because they are incentivized to work hard. Additionally, they aren’t averse to working outside of the normal 9-5 workday. So, if you’re in the market for someone to work longer hours, look no further than a freelancer. Now that digital working tools are commonplace, you can rely on your freelancer to work from wherever they are in the world. There’s nothing that a freelancer can’t do with a computer and a strong internet connection. 

Insights from further prove this. In fact, the platform encourages freelancers to set their preferred working hours per week (and weekends!), therefore, employers are free to contact freelancers at any time without sticking to the standard working hours. Also, the platform offers freelancers from all over the world who can cater to your needs at different times zones. 

3. Freelancers and employees are a match made in heaven

The way most businesses are set up can make it impossible to replace your entire permanent workforce with freelancers. But because in the face of this crisis you may have been forced to trim down the number in your company, you’ll need to hire some part-time workers to take on the increased workload. This is cheaper than relying only on full-time employees, and what’s more, freelancers and employees work perfectly together so it’s a win-win. In the case where you may want to undertake a short-term project but your employees are ill-equipped for it, it wouldn’t be prudent to bring on an expert full time. Leveraging the services of gigsters as your employees concentrate on other tasks will work to your advantage. 

A platform like allows employers to set their own budget and skill level of freelancers. Employers are free to hire a beginner, intermediate or expert freelancer, and set their budget accordingly. The platform also offers a feature that allows employers to favorite freelancers so that they become their go-to team members for long-term projects and future needs. Also, employers can hire multiple freelancers to work on simultaneous projects, therefore increasing productivity while still saving down on costs.

4. Freelancers have a wealth of experience

The most agile workforce consists heavily of freelancers. Most of them have years of experience under their belt from working for many different companies in varied capacities. They bring so much more to the table than the conventional employee. The quality of their output as a result of this exposure is unparalleled. This is why as you work on mitigating the effects of the second wave on your business, their contribution will be indispensable. highlights the wealth of experience of each freelancer by showcasing for each a detailed portfolio with all their previous work. As an employer, you get to judge the quality of their work before hiring, saving you the time and hassle of finding an expert with relevant experience. Moreover, encourages freelancers to provide details about their previous employers and work experience, again to save you the time and effort of having to do a background check on every freelancer you work with. 

5. You have a wide pool to choose from

Since it is currently advised that businesses should let their employees work from home, you don’t have to limit your hiring to freelancers within your area, especially if your work can be done digitally. Forbes reports that there are around 56.7 million Americans alone working as freelancers and you can access their services as well as those of countless others from all over the world. 

You don’t have to look too far, houses a global pool of over 35K of vetted freelancers. The platform offers freelance talents across over 150+ fields and specializations including but not limited to translation, content creation, design, engineering and more. With all these freelancers to choose from, it is guaranteed that you will be able to hire the right talent for your project. 

In conclusion…

Leveraging the services of freelancers as you work to recover your business during the second wave is a tactical move. Their services are of impeccable quality and they are cost-effective compared to permanent employees. 

If you’re looking to find freelance talents to get your work done quickly, check out The platform offers over 35K freelancers from across 150+ industries, and you brief and hire in less than 20 minutes.