Global Globitel

Globitel is a leading Jordanian company in the communications field. It started operating in 1996 to provide solutions for telecom service providers.

Globitel is a leading Jordanian company founded in 1996 by Sharif Al-Nabulsi and his colleague Samer Halawa to provide and develop solutions for telecommunication companies. The company started in Amman in 1996 and from the small region it took upon itself to shorten the distances and cross the borders, it started operating in Amman and the Arabic region until it reached Africa and South Asia.

Sharif Al-Nabulsi: In Globitel Company, we develop solutions for telecommunication companies and call centers. At the beginning, we worked with the telecommunication companies in Jordan and then we spread abroad. Solutions for telecom companies vary according to the company’s need, but mainly they are related to roaming and value-added services, so we develop solutions which these companies make use of in order to provide them to their customers. As for call centers, we develop solutions for recording calls in call centers, also for evaluating employees performance and their interaction with customers. We spread from Morocco to Pakistan. As companies and customers there, we almost have more than 50 mobile operating companies in these regions.

The path for Globitel was not an easy one and since the Jordanian Market is considered small in the world of Telecom, the company expanded east and west, it reached the Atlantic coast in Morocco, all the way to South Asia in Pakistan providing solutions for telecom service providers there. Did Globitel go through this alone? What are future expectations regarding the company’s performance?

Sharif Al-Nabulsi: In 2009 we had a partner from Saudi Arabia, a tech-investment Company, which is specialized in investing in communication and technology companies in the region. They took 25% Of the company’s shares. Our company is continuously developing, occasionally we go through hard times, depending on the region and its economic situation which is normal. That is why in the past years we had constant development in the company’s growth. We went through difficult years but we were able to overcome these difficulties. Now we are looking forward to the new markets, such as America and Europe in order to increase our sales and expand the company.

It is the world of communications that turned the world into a small village. It is a company for creating and developing solutions for telecom service providers around the world. It went global starting from this small region. Today, Globitel systems is in two continents around the world: Asia and Africa and is aspiring to reach two more: North America and Europe. Globitel solutions competes with international companies. This company has a true success story in the world of Telecom from Jordanian origins.