Umniah takes the initiative to deliver free safe internet connectivity to 2652 schools and 112 directorates and administrative buildings

Umniah, The Ministry of Education and the Special Communications Commission partner to transform Jordan’s public education infrastructure.

Umniah takes the initiative to deliver free safe internet connectivity to 2652 schools and 112 directorates and administrative buildings

 Last month, Umniah successfully completed what is qualitatively the largest connectivity project in the Kingdom. Implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Special Communications Commission (SCC), the project deployed a nationwide network that would connect the ministry’s various constituencies in an effort to establish a more future-proof foundation for public education. The initiative connected 2652 schools, 43 directorates, and 69 administrative buildings, offering high-speed data sharing capabilities as well as a wealth of applications such as video conferencing, security and others.

But Umniah did not stop at simply delivering the network. By incorporating the project into its social responsibility strategy, the operator provided free-of-charge safe internet connections to the 2764 sites benefitting from the network. This contribution alone will effectively transform the learning experience for the connected schools and offices, allowing more than 1.3 million students and 100,000 teachers and staff to explore new and modern ways to customize and adapt their curricula to cutting-edge standards. From completely digitizing textbooks and exploring the wealth of educational videos available, to investing more time in research and knowledge sharing, the free services provided will significantly contribute to elevating the standards of education in the Kingdom, all the while inspiring other enterprises to play a greater role in this fundamental process.

“The future of education is digital, and Umniah has always assumed a leading role in embracing that future,” explains Umniah’s CEO, Ziad Shatara. “As Jordan is committed to cultivating a knowledge-based economy, we need to establish the necessary foundation to make that vision a reality. This initiative constitutes a major step forward in that direction, and Umniah will continue to devise new ways of accelerating this essential and inevitable transformation.”

Back in May 2016, the Ministry of Education had issued a tender to identify the most qualified partner to implement this ambitious network connectivity project, establishing rigid criteria that included cutting-edge technical specifications, quality benchmarks and value for money. After an extensive selection process, Umniah was chosen. The operator’s proposal stood out as the most forward-thinking in its approach, prioritizing accurate and adaptable implementation that yields the highest return on the ministry’s investment.

The network delivered by Umniah enabled a multitude of cutting-edge applications, activating previously dormant initiatives including but not limited to e-learning, teleconferencing and resource sharing. Over the past decade, many schools have struggled to embrace modern teaching disciplines due to the technical limitations of their network infrastructures – a challenge that has been addressed by the comprehensive suite of connectivity solutions provided by Umniah, including landline telephone services, electronic access control, security cameras and – most importantly – high bandwidth internet connections with speeds ranging between 15 and 50 Mbps depending on the location.

As Shatara explains, the operator’s longstanding expertise in deploying large-scale networks was immediately apparent to the ministry, who saw that Umniah had the capacity and expertise to implement the project according to the established guidelines and within the specified timeframe.

“The sheer scope of the project and the considerable investment it entailed meant that an innovative and highly versatile implementation was required,” explains Shatara. “We set out to develop the most adaptable action plan possible, one that could be achieved within the specified timeframe with no compromises in quality. In October 2017, we successfully finalized the implementation, delivering a cutting-edge network that effectively revolutionizes the education infrastructure in the Kingdom.”

Since its inception in 2005, Umniah has shown a sincere commitment to the education sector, launching a series of initiatives that have directly contributed to its growth and development. Be it through its extended partnership with the Jordan Teacher’s Association, the launch of its business innovation center – The Tank –, or the sponsorship of numerous projects geared toward delivering a better learning experience to students nationwide, the operator has set a shining example for public private partnership by tackling many of the challenges facing education in the Kingdom. This initiative is yet another major step in the right direction.

“We are proud of the effort being made by the MoE and SCC toward revolutionizing public education in the Kingdom, and are fully committed to doing our part to help make their vision a reality,” added Shatara.