Biolab Laboratories

Taking a look at Jordan’s optimal pioneering laboratories; Biolab – The Aspirational Pioneer

Taking a look at Jordan’s optimal pioneering laboratories group through its series of unmatched patient-oriented tests and services. What started out as a group of medical diagnostic laboratories in Jordan 16 years ago by Dr. Amid Abdelnour, has seamlessly become the country’s leading private medical laboratory group, bar none; a specialized group of laboratories with emphasis on unique medical and scientific fields like genetics, cytogenetics and immunology to name a few. Armed with a PhD in Immunology and a hands-on experience that spans over 20 years, Dr. Abdelnour is leading his biolab fleet offering more than 700 medical diagnostic services across 15 branches (spread across Amman, Irbid and Fuheis). This leading accredited diagnostic laboratory aims to become an international reference by developing on local, regional and international levels alike. Now an executive member of the Jordanian Society for Fertility and Genetics and a board member of Injaz, Dr. Abdelnour is no stranger to excellence in admirable achievements. The onset of his career was with the Royal Medical Services of Jordan’s Armed Forces, followed by founding one of the reputable private sector laboratories. Dr. Abdelnour held the esteemed position of Acting Hospital Administrator at one of the private hospitals for seven years during which he established and managed the IVF unit and introduced several advanced techniques in the field of reproductive medicine.

Not only is his fine medical establishment committed to the highest standards of professionalism by adhering to an international code of standards, but it also focuses on the human element in its practice by ensuring a patient’s comfort and ease of mind until the sought-after results are submitted without compromise. biolab’s focus as a medical/laboratory establishment is not limited to providing patients with their test results but goes beyond that. With its forward-thinking approach and its avant-garde level of medical technologies, biolab has become an innovative key player in the market which serves patients, physicians, hospitals and a number of clinical laboratories in Jordan and across the Middle East, and even beyond. With its dedicated services and exceptional level of proficiency and efficiency in the laboratories field, biolab was able to attract the international market as well, venturing into new countries like Singapore in East Asia.

Biolab aims to transform Jordanian society into a well-informed one with individuals obtaining a high level of awareness in pressing health issues, a step which would result in improving their general lifestyle into a healthier counterpart. For this reason in particular, patients are continuously encouraged to expand their knowledge regarding certain ailments by checking biolab’s education program with literature covering a wide variety of topics, from acne, child obesity and diabetes to neonatal screening, breast cancer and AIDS.

This pioneering establishment’s services comprise of a number of cutting-edge testing techniques and convenience-oriented approaches that put biolab on an unmatchable level of competency. Its comprehensive diagnostic testing menus offer a vast variety of scientific and medical tests, from allergies to hematology and gene sequencing. biolab’s custom-designed test profiles serve individuals, hospitals as well as corporates alike. biolab was an astounding pioneer in the field – taking into consideration patient’s needs as showcased by introducing mobile patient services (biolab at your door)to cater to the elderly, newborns and bedridden patients, a segment for which the mere trip to the laboratory would have been problematic. biolab even makes house calls to its corporate clientele, providing testing services from the convenience of their own offices. Moreover, introducing the Vein Viewer was an absolute game-changer; a new non-invasive device which allows biolab phlebotomists to see veins beneath a patient’s skin, making drawing blood easier for patients such as the young, elderly and obese. Not only that, biolab took these patient-oriented services a step further by sending results online and enabling patients to access their medical records wherever they may be for their comfort via Biolab mobile application or by accessing their secured accounts on the website itself:

In order to further fortify its role in raising medical proficiency in Jordan, biolab has been involved in the management of services to numerous hospitals and private laboratories, tackling issues pertaining to workflow design, equipment, staff recruitment and training and – most importantly – establishing quality assurance systems and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Biolab’s Food Intolerance Test – ImuPro has been enabling patients to readjust their diet plan and immediately feel the positive effects on their health, aiding them in identifying food types that partake in their ailments and effectively cutting them down: from bloating, to migraines and skin and joint issues, this test proved to be key in helping patients lead a healthier andmore comfortable lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, biolab never shies away from introducing all that the laboratories field has to offer, the latest of which has been the groundbreaking non-invasive prenatal test Janini; the most advanced genetic test with zero risk of miscarriage to both the mother and baby as it suffices with a small maternal blood draw. Janini screens the three most common conditions for which parents seek answers with an accuracy rate of 99.9%: Down Syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18) and Patau Syndrome (trisomy 13), which are caused by either extra genetic material, issues in cells formation or chromosome abnormality.

Biolab is a trust-worthy Jordanian establishment that is able to put parents’ mindset ease to perform such a critical array of tests. Biolab is the only stand-alone laboratory in the region endorsed by three international accreditation bodies. It is accredited with an ISO15189 certification by Jordanian Accreditation System and a number of other certifications by the Jordanian Ministry of Health, the Joint Commission International and the College of American Pathologists. It goes beyond the pride in international acclaim; knowing that one is receiving accurate results after having their samples go through a complete and comprehensive cycle of controlled and maintained instrumentation, puts the mind at ease while dealing with biolab.­