Shahid plus

Samsung and MBC Group Partner to Provide Samsung Customers Series and Movies with SHAHID PLUS

Samsung customers can now enjoy a three month free trial of the very best of SHAHID PLUS on demand Arabic series, programs and movies with no ads

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. MENA, announced a new partnership with MBC Group to bring the latest Arabic entertainment content to its customers for an extended free trial period. The collaboration will enable Samsung customers to benefit from three-months’ worth of SHAHID SVOD service across a selected range of Samsung smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. SHAHID PLUS offers viewers a choice of on-demand exclusive Arabic series, shows and the latest Arabic movies in an uninterrupted viewing experience excluding advertisements.

Focused on establishing a secure and sustainable next-generation content eco-system, the partnership between Samsung and SHAHID (MBC Group’s own VOD platform), the Number 1 Premium Arabic VOD service will deliver a variety of exclusive series and the latest in Arabic movies with no advertisements to consumers across a range of Samsung’s devices and Smart TVs. In addition, the partnership will explore how collaboration can bring about multiple levels of innovation, with the ultimate goal of creating immersive next-generation consumer experiences.

Samsung customers will be given a three months free trial of SHAHID PLUS SVOD service where they can enjoy the strongest online premium VOD platform in the region. With this value-added offering, Samsung users will benefit from an extended free experience across selected devices and Smart TVs to enjoy the best online library of content in Arabic which comprises of the latest movies, exclusive dramas before shown on TV.

Regardless of the device they choose, Samsung consumers always have a superior viewing experience. The Super AMOLED screens on Samsung flagship smartphones and tablets reproduce colors that match more than 90% of nature’s true palette, while fast charge features ensure that the time Samsung customers wait for their device to charge is reduced. Samsung tablets offer uncompromised performance encased in a sleek design. While Samsung Smart TVs offers the most life-like picture quality and breathtaking design, the new innovative user interface (UI) is breaking barriers between applications and TV inputs by, delivering the ultimate user experience, and easy switching between live and digital content.

“Our strategic partnership with MBC Group is a great example of how the industry is working towards delivering content to the customer in increasingly convenient and efficient ways, while accelerating its ability to support the software that is bringing this content across the selective range of Samsung smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. Our ongoing collaboration with MBC Group is in line with our ambition to continue providing the MENA region with the most up-to-date entertainment content services,” said Mr. Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Retail & Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant.

From his part, Fadel Zaherddine, MBC’s Group Director of Brand Management said “We are pleased to partner up with Samsung yet again by providing our strongest content in the MENA region via SHAHID PLUS. We are proud of our TV power and our content leadership which travels & spreads across platforms, we surely lead viewership in MENA. We believe content should be consumed whenever, wherever to enhance our viewers/users experience which is prevalent in our offerings”.

Customers who purchase selected Samsung smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs from participating retailers throughout the region can take advantage of three-month trial of Shahid TV.