Officine Panerai Taking Part in Fuorisalone 2016

Officine PaneraiOfficine Panerai is taking part in Fuorisalone 2016 with the city-wide exhibition “Light in Time”. The exhibition, created in cooperation with the designer Moritz Waldmeyer, takes the form of a journey through the city which, starting from the Spazio Rossana Orlandi, is a discovery of the universe of Panerai. 

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2016 (Milan Design Week 12-17 April), Officine Panerai, the Florentine sports watchmaker, is taking part in Fuorisalone 2016 with the exhibition “Light in Time” created by Moritz Waldemeyer.

The display is taking place in three well-known locations in Milan throughout Fuorisalone 2016, with the exhibition of works by the designer inspired by the universe of Panerai: COG, MING and EGG56.

The three creations of the artist come to life in an interplay of light and material, celebrating the fascination of time through a journey which starts in the Spazio Rossana Orlandi at Via Bandello 14, continues to the Park Hyatt Hotel and ends at the Panerai boutique in Via Montenapoleone.

Officine Panerai chose Spazio Rossana Orlandi to display the work COG, a luminous installation consisting of cog wheels and iconic forms, inspired by time and by light. Surrounding the work is a striking presentation of watches from the Radiomir, Radiomir 1940, Luminor and Luminor 1950 collections. These include several of the brand’s new models recently presented at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) in Geneva.

The display continues in the heart of the city, at the Park Hyatt Hotel, with EGG56, an egg-shaped work which, through a LED structure made without wires, displays alternating lights, colours and mechanisms on its internal and external surfaces.

This journey exploring the universe of the brand ends at the Boutique Panerai Milano, Via Montenapoleone, with MING, an installation which draws inspiration from antique Chinese vases and from the research carried out by the designer into these luxury objects and their evolution over the centuries.

For this edition of the Salone del mobile, Officine Panerai is again demonstrating its commitment to the field of design and the search for new interpretations of the concept of time through collaboration with major designers with an international reputation.


This is a luminous, cylindrical installation inspired by the world of cogwheels and watchmaking. The work is clad in an iridescent skin, in which components of various sizes are arranged, while mirrors within it emphasise the concept of infinity. At the centre of each individual component there is a circuit containing luminous LEDs creating a fascinating play of light. The installation breaks out of the confines of the exhibition space, suggesting an infinite continuum.


This work is the result of an ongoing investigation into the history of luxury objects. EGG56 is an object of unique beauty and sophistication, based on the most sophisticated craft technologies of today. Designed using mathematical algorithms and constructed employing high precision techniques from the electronics industry, the sculpture features digital LEDs that create a reflective video surface.

Without using a single wire, the egg can display contrasting animations on its inside and outside surfaces, creating an atmosphere of pure luxury.


Inspired by the art world’s passion for historic Chinese vases, Waldemeyer has carried out an investigation into the past of luxury objects and their importance in society.

He concludes this study with a re-imagined Chinese vase, projecting the tradition into the future. This project uses advanced 3D modelling techniques and the latest methods of mechanical and electronic manufacturing – today’s equivalent of the ceramic skills of the past.

The complex stainless steel architecture also functions as an electronic circuit lighting up the video pixels which cover the inner surface. Smooth animation brings the light to life and creates a luxuriant, relaxing atmosphere around the vase.


Founded in 1860 in Florence when it consisted of a boutique, a workshop and a watchmaking school, Officine Panerai was for years the supplier of precision instruments to the Italian Navy, in particular equipping the commando frogmen. The projects which were created at that time, including the Luminor and Radiomir watches, continued to be covered by military secrecy for many years, and the brand’s launch onto the international market followed the acquisition of the brand by the Richemont Group in 1997.

Today, Officine Panerai develops and produces its own movements and watches in its manufacture at Neuchâtel, and these are sold worldwide through an exclusive global network of authorised dealers, and in its own-brand boutiques throughout the world.


Moritz Waldemeyer is an internationally renowned designer based in London whose works occupy a varied range of creative spaces. With a forward-thinking approach and a philosophy of playful experimentation, Studio Moritz Waldemeyer forges links between technology, art, fashion and design.


Since it was opened in 2002, the Spazio Rossana Orlandi has become an artistic destination not to be missed with its eye-catching design exhibits and the opportunities it provides by displaying works by new talents of the future.

Over the years, through the Fuorisalone events it holds at the same time as the city’s salons and international fairs, Rossana Orlandi has helped to launch designers such as Nacho Carbonell Piet Hein Eek, Maarten Bass, Front Design and Nika Zupanc. Rossana Orlandi’s Fuorisalone event is one of the elements of Salone del Mobile which is not to be missed.