Gemalto Jordan e-ID card

Gemalto Chosen to Introduce e-ID Program

International digital security firm Gemalto said it’s been selected by the Ministry of ICT to implement a new citizen ID program across Jordan.

Amsterdam-based Gemalto said in a statement it’s been tasked with delivering e-ID cards as well as automatic fingerprint identification systems to reinforce national security, strengthen immigration controls, and minimize the risk of electoral fraud.

Speaking about the move, Minister of ICT Majd Shweikeh said: “For the Kingdom of Jordan, improving security, slashing ID fraud, and creating a trusted infrastructure for online access are all high priorities on the agenda.” The new Jordan e-ID card will strengthen the infrastructure required for digital signature and will enable the addition of new e-Government services onto the card when they are available, she added.

The Ministry of  Interior will implement the systems in around 100 civil status and passport offices, and help to avoid duplication of entries in national registry. It will also allow future modification to add new e-Government services and applications after issue.

This latest technological development follows previous government moves to bring e-government services to the Kingdom in the government’s 2014-2016 e-Government strategy.