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Samsung Electronics Levant Holds Technical Discussions at the University of Jordan

Samsung Electronics Levant recently hosted three technical discussions for the University of Jordan students, introducing them to the latest Samsung inventions in the TV & AV and IT & Mobile Communications (IM) sectors.

The “Samsung Thursday News” sessions, were conducted on three consecutive Thursdays by the AV & IM training teams, each proceeding with an introduction to Samsung Electronics and its history, followed by a demonstration of Samsung’s latest AV technologies, to familiarize the attendees with the curved and smart TVs technology, to the mobile convergence and the Audio 360 (R7). Next the training team highlighted the latest mobiles added to Samsung smartphones collection, comparing between the Galaxy S6 Edge features and its modified version and the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and wrapping up the sessions by talking about the Note 5; the latest addition to the Galaxy Note lineup.

Samsung Electronics Levant held the “Samsung Thursday News” sessions in line with its firm believe in training students and keeping them up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovative features in the IT sector, revealing a successful outcome and interactivity among the 200 students who attended the three sessions. Not to mention, valuable giveaways were handed to the attendees upon completion of each session.

Commenting on this activity, Mr. Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Retail & Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant, commented by saying: “We’re glad to reach out to younger generations such as the University of Jordan students, as we are aware of the importance of keeping users updated with Samsung’s latest developed devices, to become more adequate and competent when choosing and using the most convenient device according to their needs.

“By holding these sessions, we aim to introduce everyone with Samsung’s innovative technologies to reveal a unique user experience, thanks to its sophisticated design and advanced technologies.”