Daoud Tycoon’s Open Revamped International Multi–Brand Shop

The revamped international multi-brand shop by Daoud Tycoon’s is now open.

Daoud Tycoon's new shop

Daoud Tycoon’s new shop in Wadi Saqra

Daoud Tycoon’s is opening a new shop in Wadi Saqra, West Amman. The trusted brand name in luxury menswear has refurbished the shop to provide elegant and charming ambiance to loyal clientele. The revamped location will feature a variety of different labels, in line with the Daoud Tycoon’s multi-brand appeal.

The shop is a new experience in the world of fashion and elegance. A range of special collections will be featured, including tuxedos, shirts and neckties, and more with elegant design.

Daoud Tycoon’s integrates classic styles with modernity and modern touches. The brand takes into consideration the both elegance and simplicity, making the high quality items that are comfortable to wear at all times.

Some of the most prominent names in the world of fashion are brought to you by Daoud Tycoon’s and featured in the new shop. These include Daniel Hechter, Hugo Boss, Baumler, Lanvin, and Louis Feraud, and more.