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In this issue of Venture Magazine:


Essentials 2020

Orange Jordan CEO Jean-Francois Thomas lays out the telco giant’s strategic plan for the coming five years.


World Refugee Day: Standing Together

To mark World Refugee Day, two top UNHCR representatives, Andrew Harper and Khaled Hosseini, examine how best to mitigate the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis.


SESAME: A Scientific Step Forward

Jordan has never excelled at scientific study. But a newly revamped, first-of-its-kind research facility could change that.


Executive Interview

Telr-Made Solutions for Region’s E-Commerce

Telr CEO Sirish Kumar on tailoring payment gateway services for the region



Enter the House of Genius

Toma Bedolla on offering budding entrepreneurs the chance to pick the brains of industry leaders.


Tech Talk

Disruption Calling

Relentless convergence continues to rattle telecom operators and their once lucrative business models. What can they do to adapt?

By Zeid Nasser


The Analyst

Hotel Electricity Rate Cut: A Misguided Move

Slashing electricity rates for hotels won’t solve Jordan’s tourism crisis.

By Jawad Abbassi


Media and Society

Not Free Enough

The Freedom House Index shows no reason for Jordan to celebrate World Press Freedom Day.

By Osama Al Sharif


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