Sky Software Powers InterContinental Bangkok Hotel


Sky Software is proud to announce its grand implementation of Sky Horizon Quality Management System (QMS) solutions suite at InterContinental and Holiday Inn Bangkok hotels.

This is the first implementation of Sky Horizon QMS in the Far East, Thailand, which was a result of long-term preparations, included several online presentations that were conducted with the purpose of analyzing and covering all the hotel needs and requirements, Sky Software then was given the green light to start the project.

Sky Software has also granted the hotel’s staff and technicians with the ability to access the QMS system via Sky Horizon QMS Mobile application, allowing them to access the QMS system features via more than 120 active smartphone devices, which helped them to significantly shorten the response time for their guest requests.

On the other hand, the hotel management was highly impressed with the ability of being informed with instant, real-time and quick identification for essential KPIs reflecting the quality and efficiency of the overall operational performance through Horizon QMS Dashboard.

Sky Software was founded in 1997. It was built on the well-established knowledge and experience of top software engineers, with a mission to deliver specialized high quality business solutions for the hospitality sector in the Middle East. Since that time, Sky Software has been able to provide the local and international hospitality market with innovative total software solutions covering all areas of the modern hotel and restaurant.