Four Seasons Amman Appoints New GM

Vincent New GM

Four Seasons Hotel Amman announces that Regional Vice President Vincent Hoogewijs has been appointed as General Manager of the luxurious 192-room boutique hotel in Amman.

Change of scenery has been a constant throughout Hoogewijs’ hotel career. From Bangkok to Tokyo, Mumbai to Mexico, Canberra to Rabat, he has held executive-level positions in a myriad of destinations and more than a dozen countries. Now, as Regional Vice President and General Manager, Hoogewijs is putting that appetite and experience to work on a top-to-bottom renovation of Four Seasons Hotel Amman. “We want to evolve our brand in Amman and I’m excited to be leading the effort,” Hoogewijs stated. “By introducing so many new and unique things to the experience, we are showing guests and the Jordanian community that we are committed to moving forward with the times.”

Hoogewijs has been deep into such transformations before, including at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, where he first joined the company as Hotel Manager in 2004 and departed as Regional Vice President and General Manager, bound for Jordan, in 2015 during the hotel’s best-ever quarter. There were top-level stops in between, including as General Manager of Four Seasons addresses in Mexico City, Mumbai and Sydney.

This appointment to Amman property was doubly satisfying for the opportunity it gives Hoogewijs to finally experience Jordanian culture. He stated, “I have no worries about relating to the community or the hotel staff, which is 98% Jordanian.  I have learned over the years that it doesn’t matter where you are, everyone wants to be treated with respect.”

Growing up in Brussels, Hoogewijs wanted to be a chef and open his own restaurant. Instead he enrolled in a hotel management course and was “bitten by the bug.” The first steps of his career were in restaurants before he moved on to hotel operations. Hoogewijs’ upbringing prepared him well for travel. Like most Belgians, he is multi-lingual, speaking English, Dutch, basic German and Spanish.