Call for Better Monitoring of Economy

Jordanian decision makers need to focus harder on coordinating and monitoring the implementation of national economic policies. That was the main conclusion of two reports released last month by the Identity Center, an independent civil society organization working to encourage development across the Middle East.

“The most important finding from the reports is the fact that official policies are neither linked nor integrated, and, more importantly, that the systems lack a monitoring mechanism to ensure the achievement of these strategies’ milestones and goals,” the center said in a statement, adding that there had been “miss-linkages” between the National Agenda and its reflection on the budget over the past eight years.

Furthermore, the center said the government’s energy strategy formulated in 2004 hasn’t been adequately monitored or implemented, resulting in increased energy costs and the reliance on quick fixes instead of a strategic thinking.

The reports form part of the center’s new Jordan Independent Economy Watch project, which is being advised by six prominent economists with varied opinions and expertise. The center said further reports to be published as part of the ongoing review will provide policy recommendations in order to encourage more effective policies for the future, and to reinforce the need for a national economic strategy, linking medium and long-term policies to a clear economic vision.